Hello Coaches,

2018 is going by so fast. Seems like just yesterday I took down the Christmas tree and now it is Augusta week! Thank you to the Coaches that watched the video and took our Chapter survey late last year. I wanted to share the results with all of you. Below are the questions, the percentage of Strongly Agree/Agree and a few thoughts. All Coaches’ comments were anonymous.

  1. I regularly attend Coaches’ Meetings. 85% Strongly Agree/Agree

Awesome participation! A Coach responded they did not know the schedule. The schedule is distributed early in the year and included in every Coach newsletter. Please see below.

  1. I contribute pictures/articles towards the Chapter and Coach newsletter and read them both. 72% Strongly Agree/Agree

We can improve here. We appreciate your stories and want to highlight your programs. For the Chapter newsletter, all we need is a picture or two and description of the program. We need at least a paragraph of information including Coaches names, location, program partner, etc. Please send to Aliya at aliyanhoward@gmail.com. More importantly, please read both newsletters and any communications from The First Tee home office as they are stuffed with valuable information.

  1. I collect the database information and understand the importance of submitting the data to the office as soon as possible. 76% Strongly Agree/Agree

Some room for improvement here. The bottom line is that we are graded by the number of students in the database and the more students we submit helps the Chapter raise dollars to fund more programs. Also, your students cannot apply for Participant Opportunities unless they are in the database. At The First Tee, it is all about the database!

  1. All of my volunteers complete the volunteer application and training process.
    91% Strongly Agree/Agree

Great number, but we must achieve 100%. Coaches that do not use the volunteer process are in jeopardy of losing their program. It is mandated by The First Tee home office that we conduct background checks on all adult volunteers. The process is simple and helps train your volunteers before they even work with one of your programs.

  1. I have nominated a student for a Participant Opportunity, such as an Academy or The First Tee Pebble Beach Open. 46% Strongly Agree/Agree

This is a low number because we are still a young chapter and students must be in high school before they can apply. Students must also be in the database for three years to qualify. The list of opportunities is long and changes each year, but this is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to sign up new students or keep older students involved. Check out the Parent Guide and thefirsttee.org to learn about these opportunities. Be thinking about which of your students can apply and when! A coach responded that their students do not qualify because family income is too high. This is typically not a factor in applying.

  1. I understand and implement student certification. 100% Strongly Agree/Agree
    Fantastic! Keep up the great work and advance your students through The First Tee.
  2. I have an adequate supply of marketing materials, curriculum books and inform the office in advance of beginning new programs for promotion. 72% Strongly Agree/Agree

Please let Aliya, Gennifer or Jack Bloomfield know if you need brochures or books. We will drop them off or ship them to you. We have banners available and are working on a new portable banner for each Coach to display at each program. Ask your pro shop to display your fliers and blast upcoming program information in their email newsletters. The club will do it, but only if you ask!! Also, if you let us know about one month in advance, we will update the website and blast it in our e-newsletter to thousands of potential customers. Remember, when a parent searches thefirsttee.org and enters their zip code, they come to you directly. This is why you want your program information current on our website.

  1. I have my username and password and utilize the private side of The First Tee website.
    84% Strongly Agree/Agree

Pretty good percentage, but let’s aim for 100%! The office staff is here to help you navigate all the great information at thefirsttee.org. Just ask. If you need your login and password, please email techsupport@thefirsttee.org. Put it on your calendar every two months on the same date for 15 minutes to review the website.

  1. I understand the process of competing my Coach Certification. 91% Strongly Agree/Agree

Another great number! For new Coaches, once you complete Level I, it will be much easier going forward. Just contact Connie for assistance. The process takes time, so please do not wait until the last minute. As always, call or email with questions. We are here to help.

Thanks for all that you do and for participating in the survey.

Carl Mistretta
Executive Director